Line D of the Metro do Porto

Ponte Luís I at twilight, 5 December 2013.

Line D is the only line not using the joint route between Estádio do Dragão and Senhora da Hora. It has a 4 km long tunnel between Polo Universitário and the bridge across the Douro river with 8 stations. For the river crossing the upper deck of the complete renovated Ponte Luís I is used. The upper deck of the bridge and the adjacent Avenida da República in VN de Gaia had electric trams from 1905 until 1959.

Line D crosses the joint route at Trindade. Here is also a 274 m long single track tunnel made between the tunnel of line D and the old tunnel of Trindade, which is now part of the joint route. This connecting tunnel is used to get the trams of line D from and to the depot. Line D has a total length of over 8 km and 16 stations/stops: Hôspital de São João – IPO – Polo Universitário – Salgueiros – Combatentes – Marquês – Faria Guimarâes – Trindade – Aliados – Sâo Bento – Jardim do Morro – General Torres – Câmara Gaia – João de Deus – Dom João II – Santo Ovídio.

Opening dates:
17 September 2005 Polo Universitário – Trindade – Câmara Gaia (5.7 km)
10 December 2005 Câmara Gaia – João de Deus (0.4 km)
31 March 2006 Hôspital de São João – Polo Universitário (1.2 km)
28 May 2008 João de Deus – Dom João II (0.6 km)
15 October 2011 Dom João II – Santo Ovídio (0.5 km)
Travel time 25’.
Time-table (winter 2021/2022): mo-fr daytime every 6′, evening every 12′, weekends daytime every 10′, evening every 15′.

Photo gallery

Hôspital de São João, 22 August 2012.
Polo Universitário, 22 August 2012.
Daylight can reach the plarforms of the Salgueiros underground station trough a transparent sculpture, 22 August 2012.
Túnel J connects line D with the joint route. This photo is made from the northbound platform of the Trindade station of line D, 27 August 2012.
Trindade, the underground part of the station with a southbound pair of Eurotrams, 27 August 2012.
Aliados, 22 August 2012.
The entrance of the tunnel under the city seen from the Ponte Luís I, 5 December 2013.
Jardim do Morro, 9 September 2009.
In Vila Nova de Gaia line D has central reservation on the Avenida da República. A pair of Eurotrams just left Jardim do Morro, 5 May 2009.
Câmara Gaia, 16 August 2012.
João de Deus has a central platform. The green glassed building generates a lot of traffic for the Metro do Porto, 16 August 2012.
Dom João II, 16 August 2012.
A pair of Eurotrams just left the underground station of Santo Ovídio, 16 October 2011.

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