Line F of the Metro do Porto

An Eurotram approaches the Rio Tinto stop, 1 October 2012.

Line F leads from Senhora da Hora via the joint route to Estádio do Dragão and then in eastern direction to Fânzeres. It serves the northern part of the municipality of Gondomar. The line has a 950 m long tunnel between the stops Nau Vitória and Levada to cross the Minho-Douro and Leixões railways.

Beyond Estádio do Dragão are 10 stops/stations: Contumil – Nasoni – Nau Vitória – Levada – Rio Tinto – Campainha – Baguim – Carreira – Venda Nova and Fânzeres. The official western terminus of line F is Senhora da Hora, but in practice most trams of line A continue to and from Fânzeres as line F.

Opening date: 2 January 2011 Fânzeres – Estádio do Dragão – Trindade – Senhora da Hora (7 km from Fânzeres to Estádio do Dragão)
Travel time to Fânzeres is 17′ from Estádio do Dragão, 26′ from Trindade and 39′ from Senhora da Hora.
Time-table (winter 2021/2022): mo-fr daytime every 15′, peak hours every 12′, evenings and weekends every 30′

Photo gallery

Fânzeres, 19 January 2011.
Venda Nova 1 October 2012.
Carreira 1 October 2012.
Baguim, 1 October 2012.
Campainha, 1 October 2012.
Between Campainha and Rio Tinto, the crossing with Rua de Perlinhas, 1 October 2012.
Rio Tinto, 27 February 2012.
Nau Vitória with an Eurotram entering the tunnel to Levada, 2 October 2012.
Nasoni, 2 October 2012.
Rua Avelino Ribeiro between Contumil and Nasoni, 2 October 2012.
Contumil with people sheltering for the rain, 27 May 2014.

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