In 1951 the workshops of Boavista built a prototype for the intended new generation of trams including double-ended modern bogie cars. In the end these new cars were never built.

Prototype tram STCP 500 at Boavista about 1952. (MCE)

This was the most modern tramcar in Porto until the appearance of the Eurotram of the Metro do Porto. The design of the car was very similar to that of trams in Madrid and Torino. Carro 500 is single-ended and has a Brill 79E 4-wheel truck and CGE 68hp motors. It was the only Porto tramcar with seats for driver and conductor and folding doors closed while driving. This tram was withdrawn from service in 1974 becoming one of the first museum cars.

Porto tram STCP no.500 was the prototype of an intended series of new modern trams that were never built. Photo likely made about 1960.
  • length 9.69 m
  • width 2.27 m
  • weight 12150 kg
  • truck Brill 79E1X
  • wheelbase 2.36 m
  • motors CGE; 2 x 68 hp
  • controller GE B54E
  • seating 22
Carro 500 at Massarelos in advance of a special service, 4 May 2013.
Carro 500 in Rua do Ouro during a special service, 4 May 2013.
Interior of Carro 500.
The workspace of the driver of Carro 500.
Control panel of Carro 500.


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