Carros Ingleses

In 1909 the CCFP ordered five cars with 7 drop windows each side from UEC of Preston in England. Together with the 4-wheel Brills these were the first tramcars with windscreens. The original numbering was 202-206, but was in 1913 changed to 296-300. The electric equipment came from Siemens-Schuckert. 296-299 got new Siemens D58 motors in 1923. The original trucks were Mountain and Gibson 21EM, a Brill 21E copy.

UEC works photo of a Carro Inglês

Later the original platforms were changed into the common Brill type. At first they were used, together with the Brills, on the most important routes. After arrival of the larger types of trams in the late 1920‘s they changed to less important lines.

Carro Inglês CCFP no.205 on Praça da Liberdade. The tram still has its original number, which was changed in 1913, but already has a line number, which was introduced on 1 January 1912. So the photo was taken in 1912 or 1913. Detail of a postcard.

All came to the STCP and were renumbered to 115-119.
The nos.117 and 118 had short platforms, the other three got extended platforms. No.119 was modernised in the 1950’s getting retractable steps. The nos.115 and 119 were withdrawn in 1967, 117 in 1974, 116 in 1977 and 118 in 1980. This last car is now part of the museum collection as no.247.

A Carro Inglês with the number 133 on the Batalha terminus of line 17 next to the Teatro de São João. The number reveals that the photo cannot be taken before 1924. The tram still has its original platforms, but not yet the in September 1926 mounted fenders. That means the photo was taken about 1925. Detail of a postcard.
Carro Inglês STCP no.119 ascends Rua dos Clerigos, 1960’s. Detail of a postcard.
Porto tram STCP no.118, about 1968.
Porto tram STCP no.116, about 1968.
Museumtram Carro Inglês no.247 on Rua de Monchique, 3 July 2005.


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