• The Porto Electric Tram Network, the CCFP years 1895-1946

    The Porto Electric Tram Network, the CCFP years 1895-1946

    The first electric tramline in Porto was opened in 1895. Until 1946 the network was operated by the CCFP: Companhia Carris de Ferro do Porto. This was a private company. In 1946 the operations were taken over by the municipal owned STCP: Serviço de Transportes Colectivos do Porto (now Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto)…

  • The Porto Freight Trams

    The Porto Freight Trams

    On few urban tram systems freight trams were operated. There were urban systems having transport of a single type of goods over a single route, but Porto was exceptional with significant transport of many different kinds of freight with sidings for (un)loading scattered over most of the network. This page gives an overview, although not…

  • Trams on Praça da Liberdade in Porto

    Trams on Praça da Liberdade in Porto

    Praça da Liberdade, until 1910 Praça Dom Pedro IV, is the heart of the city of Porto. When the first mule trams arrived here in 1875, the Northern side was still occupied by the old city-hall. Most mule trams did not have their terminus on Praça, but continued to another destination. There were only single…

  • The Porto Mule (horse) Trams

    The Porto Mule (horse) Trams

    Porto, like many other cities, developed a horse tram system in the last decades of the 19th century, although instead of horses mainly mules were used to haul the vehicles. This page tells the history of these first trams of Porto. There is a separate page about the oldest tram vehicles.

  • The Oldest Porto Tramcars

    The Oldest Porto Tramcars

    The history of the oldest Porto tramcars is very complicated, but partly also obscure. They were hauled by both mules and steam locomotives. Later part of them were transformed into electric trams while the others continued as trailers of the electric trams. The majority was disposed of during the second decade of the twentieth century,…

  • The Porto Steam Trams

    The Porto Steam Trams

    In Porto, like in most cities before electric trams were introduced, horse trams provided the urban public transport, although in Porto more often mules were used. Steam trams were used in many cities too, most on busy suburban routes. Porto was one of the cities in Europe using steam locomotives for trams. This page is…