The 7-window Constructora trams

In 1907 A Constructora made two new tramcars with seven windows at each side and seating for 23 with transverse benches. These cars got the numbers 199-200. In the same period the workshops of the CCFP converted 6-window tramcar no.46 as well into a similar 7-window car. This car got the number 201 and had slightly shorter platforms. For many years these three cars had a second trolley pole to be used on the Ponte Luís I.

Constructora built 7-window tram CCFP no.199 about 1920 on Praça da Batalha.

In 1909 A Constructora made a more or less similar body. This was done without having a confirmed order from the CCFP, probably as an attempt to get the order for the new cars the latter was intending to buy. A Constructora failed to get this order but eventually the CCFP acquired the body and used it for electric tramcar no.250. This car was the last one delivered with open platforms. All later acquisitions involved cars with windscreens. Probably it was a little different from the other three and a short version of bogie trailer no.1.

Constructora built 7-window tram CCFP no.250 on Praça da Liberdade, likely in 1910. At the right is Brill built CCFP no.252.

Three of these trams came to the STCP who numbered them 112-114. It is not clear what happened to the fourth. No.112 was withdrawn in 1978 and no.114 in 1980. No.113 was modified in the 1950’s getting extended platforms and retractable steps. This tramcar is in storage since 1987 and hopefully can be restored for the museum.

Constructora built 7-window tram CCFP no.200 on Passeio Alegre about 1908. Detail of a postcard.
Constructora built 7-window tram CCFP no.201 on Avenida do Brasil about 1925. The tram already got closed platforms and the boxes for the resisstors on the roof reveal it also got already new GE270 motors. At the left side of the roof above the line number is the second trolley-pole for use on the Ponte Luís I. In 1926 the number 201 was given to a new bogie tramcar and this tram might have become no.248. (Detail of a postcard)
Modified 7-window Constructora tram STCP no.113 on Praça da Liberdade, about 1978.


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