The 6-window Constructora trams

In 1904-1906 A Constructora delivered 24 cars with six windows on both sides and seats for 22 on 2 longitudinal benches of 5.22 m. The trucks came from Brill, the motors and controllers from Siemens. These were the last “Risca ao Meio” type cars. They were numbered 43-54, 57-66 and 68-69. Car no.46 was in 1907 reconstructed into a 7-window car and got the number 201.

A Constructora tram at Infante about 19076. Photo by Aurélio da Paz dos Reis, collection CPF.

After arrival of larger types of trams their status diminished. In later years they were mainly used on less important routes like 11 and 16(1st). A number probably perished in the Boavista depot fire of 1928. Others were scrapped to supply parts for new cars.

Constructora buikt tram CCFP no.158 with three trailers on Avenida dos Carreiros (now Avenida do Brasil) about 1908. Detail of a postcard.

In February 1940 there were still nine in the fleet. A total of seven survived into STCP days and were numbered 105-111. No.107 was modernised in the 1950’s getting extended platforms and retractable steps. This tram was withdrawn in 1967 and became museum tram no.163. The body of no.111 replaced in 1964 the old body of grinder tramcar no.48. The other five were withdrawn in 1959.

Constructora built tram CCFP no.46 on Praça Dom Pedro about 1905. In the background at the right is open tram no.42.
Constructora built tram CCFP no.169 on Praça da Liberdade about 1913. Detail of a postcard.
6-window Constructora tram next to the Teatro de São João about 1930. The tram still has a second trolley-pole for use on the Ponta Luís I. Detail of a postcard.
Constructora built tram STCP no.107 at Boavista about 1947. (MCE)
Constructora built tram STCP no.110 on Praça da Liberdade in 1959.
Constructora built 6-window tram STCP no.107 modified with extended platforms at Boavista, 14 August 1972.
Museumtram no.163 at Infante, 19 June 2005.
Interior of museumtram 163
Rail grinder tram no.48 has since 1964 the body of an about 1905 by Constructora built 6-window tramcar. Massarelos, 7 May 2004.


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