The open electric trams of Porto

In 1903 the workshops converted an open mule car to an electric car for service on the longest lines. It got the number 40 and made a successful test run on 21 February 1904. The fate of this car is a mystery as it was not reported anymore after 1904.

No fleet number is visible on this tram. It looks to be an open cross-bench tram, but does not have a clerestory. The open trams 41-42 had a clerestory, so this might be no.40. (Detail of a postcard)

In 1904 A Constructora converted two further open mule cars into electric cars. They had transverse benches of 1.80 m. The cars got the numbers 41-42, after 1907 141-142. In 1924 they were renumbered into 100 & 115. They were used on all routes except to Gaia. As they had compared to other tramcars many seats and little standing capacity, they were often used on longer routes like line 9 and later also line 10. Probably both were lost in the Boavista fire of 1928.

Praça Dom Pedro (now Praça da Liberdade) about 1908 with Constructora tram CCFP no.151, Transformado type no.121 and at the right open tram no.142. (Detail of a postcard)
Open tram CCFP no.41 at Infante about 1905. Photo by Aurélio da Paz dos Reis, collection CPF.
Around 2000 a replica open musemtram was made. However it’s wider, longer and higher than the originals. Rua de Monchique, 5 May 2001.


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