In the years 1926-1928 the workshops constructed 12 cars equal to the Brill-28 type but with an extended saloon with eight windows at each side instead of seven. These trams seated 32.

Brill-32 tram CCFP no.284 on Praça da Liberdae about 1933. Detail of a postcard.

With the CCFP these tramcars had the numbers 250-253, 256-259 and 284-287. The last four were renumbered by the STCP into 254, 255, 260 & 261. They were used on all lines except to Gaia. During the second half of the 1930‘s they were used most of the time on the lines 5 and 7.

Brill-32 tram STCP no.258 with trailer no.22 at Boavista ca.1960. (MCE)

The original GE270 motors were by the STCP replaced by more powerful Italian CGE motors which before were used with the Belgas and bogie Fumistas. Because of these motors they got the nickname Italianos.

Brill-32 tram STCP no.255 on the Venda Nova terminus in Rio Tinto, likely 1960.
  • length 9.85 m
  • width 2.40 m
  • weight 11772 kg
  • truck Brill 21E
  • wheelbase 2.36 m
  • motors original 2 x GE270 55 hp, later 2 x CGE 68 hp
  • controllers B54E
  • seating 32 original, reduced to 26
Brill-32 tram STCP no.256 on the Pereiró terminus, 9 October 1968.
STCPCCFPIn serviceWithdrawnRemark
25025019261981Museum tram STCP
25225219261981To Buenos Aires (Argentina)
25428419281974To Yakima (USA)
25825819271973To Buenos Aires (Argentina)
26028619281974To Yakima (USA)
The official construction year of 250-252 was 1927, but these tramcars were already reported in 1926 respectively nine times, four times and one time. 250 was reported providence fenders been mounted on 28 September 1926.
Porto tram STCP no.261 at Cordoaria, 28 December 1974.
Brill-32 tram STCP no.255 followed by a double-deck bus in Rua Godinho Fária, São Mamede de Infesta on 26 December 1974. (Peter van Munster)
Brill-32 tram STCP no.252 at Castelo do Queijo, about 1981.
Museumtram Brill-32 no.250 on Avenida do Brasil on 30 August 1997.


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